Why choosing the perfect colors for your logo and business imagery is so important!
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"Colors contribute to the way we feel when we look at an image or sign, because we subconsciously associate those colors to feelings based on our culture and/or experiences. So, choosing colors for your business is an important step!" - Elaina Mitchell

You are driving down the road and see the Dunkin sign and you are immediately thirsty. Why do you feel this way? It isn’t a coincidence, it’s because certain colors make you feel certain things. A skilled designer carefully chose to make the Dunkin logo orange because orange means happiness, thirst and even stimulates hunger! 

A professional designer will thoughtfully consider the colors chosen to instill certain feelings in the people who see the logo. The key is to make that feeling lead to an action (like buying your products)! Once you understand this connection between colors and feelings, and the potential to make those feelings lead to an action, the possibility of creating a return on your investment (ROI) of a logo design, is exponentially increased. Exciting stuff, indeed!

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Let’s consider some well known, and might we add very successful, companies like Whole Foods, John Deer and the Animal Planet for a moment. These logos are all clearly using the color green to evoke a very “natural” feeling. Clever, huh?

It’s also important to understand that the hues of each color also contribute to different degrees of feelings. for instance, the Animal Planet logo chose to use a mixture of green hues, and this helped to contribute to a fun and happy feeling associated with nature.

Now, BP is a gasoline company…but the brown color naturally associated with gasoline is not very appealing and will not contribute to an enticing feeling to act and buy their product.

Instead, the designer wanted to make people associate BP  with nature and growth (green) and safety (yellow). Reverse psychology at its finest!

This is why trusting your logo design with a professional, that understands these principals is so important if you want your company to attract the right eyes that will buy.


Let’s review more colors and the feelings associated with them…

Two of the top athletic companies, Nike and Adidas, both have simple black and white logos. Why? Because black is a strong color that can make you feel powerful. You’ll find most business men in a black suit, because they want to seem powerful. White on the other hand gives the emotion of balance. Combine the two and you have a powerful and balanced company with a clothing and athletic gear line worn by people who are then represented to be powerful and balanced, the perfect athlete.

The use of one color, two colors, complementing colors, opposing colors on the color wheel, can all effect how a logo looks, but the feeling of a color can leave a lasting impact and lead to an action, such as visiting your website, buying your products, of researching your company on social media.

You see, all people live their lives based on emotion. Emotion drives everything that we choose to do.

What emotions is your company evoking? Are those emotions going to lead someone to buy your products or services? If you’re not sure, let’s talk. 

Contributing Writer: Holly Swain