The crucial elements that set the image, message and tone for your business. 


/brand/ verb | gerund or present participle: branding
Brand: the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

Branding your company, business, or product properly is vital to it’s chances of survival. You want the public to remember your business’s name, and having a branding guide custom designed to properly represent your business and your mission, will do just that. This popular branding package consists of:

  • Custom logo design (with 3 different concepts to choose from)
  • An alternate logo design to be used as needed
  • A watermark of your main and alternate logo
  • Logo files: .ai, .jpeg, .pdf, .png
  • Font choice + files (for headings and paragraphs)
  • A New custom business card design to match your new brand
  • A tailored mission statement
  • A tailored tagline that portrays your mission
  • Mood imagery library (up to 20 stock images, that match your new brand)
  • Instructional information about how to use your new brand properly


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