The crucial elements that set the image, message and tone for your business. 


/brand/ verb | gerund or present participle: branding
Brand: the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.
Your brand is a collection of elements that create a feeling and experience for your potential consumers or viewers/audience. These elements all work together, and should be used consistently to achieve a memorable brand/brand awareness.

Branding your company, business, or product properly is vital to it’s chances of survival. You want the public to remember your business’s name, and having a branding guide custom designed to properly represent your business and your mission, will do just that. This popular branding package consists of:

  • Custom logo design (with 3 different concepts to choose from)
  • An alternate logo design to be used as needed
  • A watermark of your main and alternate logo
  • Logo files: .ai, .jpeg, .pdf, .png
  • Font names and files
  • A tailored tagline that portrays your mission
  • Custom social media icons (5)
  • A professionally tailored mission statement, to amplify your message!
  • Mood imagery library (20 curated images, that match your new brand)
  • Branding guidelines - how to use your new brand elements
  • A custom flyer/postcard design + 1,000 prints!
  • A New custom business card design to match your new brand + 1,000 prints!


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