Welcome to my world

Hi! My name is Elaina Mitchell, and I'm a brand designer.

Creativity and design have always been at the forefront of my life, and I've worked long and hard to master my arts and use them to help bring other people's visions to life!

My fascination with art started out as a spark of inspiration from my dad and oldest sister. They were both amazing artists, and I would just sit and watch them create such beautiful works of art, in awe. I was determined to be able to create as beautifully as they could. So I never stopped learning and watching, and doing.

Art was it for me. I mean, there wasn't much else to do honestly. I grew up in a really low income family, so cable t.v. was never an option, or internet, or anything else "fun" that most kids my age were up to. But that's exactly how I liked it. I was more than content watching and learning how to make letters look 3D, or what colors compliment another.

More than anything else, I always found pleasure in making something out of the nothing. Being able to create something from a vision in my head, has always been magical to me. It's now become my business, literally.

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Vision turned
to reality.

I've worked my entire life to harness the ability to take a vision and make it a reality. Through detailed and creative design, understanding the psychology behind the design details, and telling a memorable story through imagery, copy and colors. My eye for design, and the passion I have behind that eye are all here to bring your vision to life!

I was blessed with many amazing opportunities to work for some pretty big companies, helping them bring their visions to life as an in-house designer. But I always wanted more. Being able to diversify my projects helps me stay creative and passionate about what i'm doing. So it made perfect sense for me to start a full fledged business doing exactly what I love to do...bring visions to life.

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I'm here to help you.

Starting a business can be scary, trust me I know! I've spent countless hours and many sleepless nights building my business and brand, and I've learned some valuable lessons, tips and tricks along the way.

Here's the truth of the matter: To be successful, you have to be remembered. For your business to be remembered, you have to be willing to get strategic and invest time and of course money, into building your public image.

It's so important to work with a brand designer that's not only knowledgable, but passionate, about creating strategic memorable designs that will last a lifetime.

A video about my journey

Learn more about me, and my design journey by watching this video...

I love creating brands!

My Other Companies

St. Pete Social

St. Pete Social is a social media marketing company that shines light on the things that make your business or brand unique. Because it's those very things that will help you #STANDOUT among the crowds.

St. Pete Influence

St. Pete Influence is an online directory dedicated to supporting and showcasing businesses that take their time to give back to their communities. If you're ready to support a local St. Pete business that is giving back to their community, let's get started!

Passion & Persistence

Passion & Persistence is a podcast and brand promoting inspiration to the world, by reminding others that with Passion & Persistence, anything is possible.